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  1. Mycal

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    I posted this last week in the Dev forum and thought I'd move it out here to give an update. Next week is Dead Week for me and the following week is finals week. So I'll be away for 2 more weeks. So I should be back around Thursday, 2 weeks from the time of this post.
  2. krum

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    I have to do a lot of stuff too!
    for me I have finals in like 3 weeks :-\

    BUT I have had a little free time in which I started working on my building tiles so that I shove them in Steven's face :p

    this includes different angles of roofing, allow roofing to stop at any amount, I will add more to them, fixed some of the walls, and I am currently working on some trees (GOOD ONES) I am really proud of these trees they should be amazing, then I will add more as I go.

    umm other than that I believe I will rework water so that it is more see through, this way I can add underwater things (fish, seaweed, rocks, etc...)

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