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    This project is probably dead

    I still visit :cool: I think open source is a great direction if you feel you are at the end of your line! I will drop a catch up in the other section, I was meaning to reach out recently.
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    Development Update - February 17, 2014

    I've been trying to find time to get into it, but having never used github I have been completely avoiding getting over the learning curve... My hosting with bluehost is about to end, any recommendations? I found bluehost to be okay, but overall a little slow. I like cpanel as opposed to...
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    Programming Advice

    The first language is always enough to give you the rules and understanding to easily pick up another (google for syntax) and run with it. Moving to Object Oriented Programming is a big step past throwing everything in one file and making it work. I would focus on how to send messages and talk...
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    Moving (Not a dev update)

    Thats what I've been wrapped up in, i'm closing on my new place within 2 weeks.
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    Development Update - July 08, 2013

    I'm sure I could figure it out, gotta get into it and see what I'm working with... I will send you a message tomorrow but I never really used git - I know how it works though. It's about time I jumped into this.
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    Development Update - July 08, 2013

    Anything I can do to help? I'm still dabbling in Unity every now and then - making a game (3D 3rd person rpg) no direction really. Been spending some time on a new website, just gaming and what not. I'd like to get into this and contribute though.
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    Development Update - June 19, 2013

    Everything seems to be coming along great, I feel like OOP is still my biggest mountain to climb when it comes to programming efficiently - I tend to rig things a lot.
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    Downtime and Upgrades

    Personally, the only reason I could see sticking with Wordpress is the simplicity of widgets/plugins/how easy it is to theme. I think it would be much easier to keep up with the news(actually updating it) if it pulled from the forums like it used to...and if we ever do get to the point where we...
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    Downtime and Upgrades

    It's a lot faster, which package did you use? The Laravel thing seems like a good idea, I always just stuck close to Wordpress to avoid learning something new, doesn't seem like it will be too hard to get used to though.
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    Registration broken

    We are getting a lot of spam now, I think we need to upgrade our captcha.
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    Registration broken

    A lot of people are complaining they cant register? Know anything about it Mycal? - or if there is a quick fix?
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    Odyssey Wiki

    I can look into it this evening if he doesnt get to it. Were you able to register?
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    New Layouts

    We now have new layouts on the Main website, the Forums, and even our mobile layout (if you visit the forums from a mobile device) have been upgraded. Small tweaks will still be made especially with the Logo and icons here and there but it is complete for the most part.
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    March 14 2012 - I Hate Myself

    Well I have got into databases a little, I learned about connecting to java through jdbc or whatever it is, and learned a lot about looping through SQL commands to edit a database from a program. Thats about it though..
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    March 14 2012 - I Hate Myself

    I've settled into the average joe 11 hour work day life so I barely have time to do anything, let alone feel like it when I have time. I bought a msi gt60 and I want to start dedicating some time to helping with projects. I really just need some direction like for instance you to just say go...