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    Registration broken

    A lot of people are complaining they cant register? Know anything about it Mycal? - or if there is a quick fix?
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    New Layouts

    We now have new layouts on the Main website, the Forums, and even our mobile layout (if you visit the forums from a mobile device) have been upgraded. Small tweaks will still be made especially with the Logo and icons here and there but it is complete for the most part.
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    Mac Support

    Whats up?
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    Ragnarok Online

    So what is Ragnarok online exactly a 3d engine using 2d sprites?
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    Fable 2 and Spiderman Web of Shadows come out today, im getting Fable 2, spiderman will have to wait. And also WoW expansion comes out nnov 13 and mk vs dc universe which looks unreal cool is coming out within the month also. Calix if you get Fable 2 im pretty sure its xbox live compatible so...
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    March 28 - Update

    Yeah BR I know damn well this was the laziest way possible to let everyone know but sorry I was in a hurry. (5:50:05 PM) bigredpk: hm, now that I say that, I seem to have found an interesting idea to try..rather than encrytping/compressing each file then packing them, maybe packing them all...
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    I increased the size of avatars to 150x150, just wanted to let everyone know.