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    We are infected with spammers, we need a capchca system, someone should install it, so if this website does pick back up, it will stay clean!
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    Image to Txt and back again!

    I am doing something for school, and I need to convert an image to it's raw-data, then save it into a file, and load it from the file to my program... I can't seem to find ANYTHING on the subject of how I need to do it... I am using, but anything in VB will be helpful...
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    Google Chrome

    first off...I LOVE it!!!! it's so fast, and slim, non-bloated, with plugin features, and it wont freggin crash every time one tab crashes because every tab is a new process, and the same goes for flash or any other plugin, they are all separate plugins so it makes it MUCH more reliable. it...