Battlefield Update - October 28, 2011


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I need to focus. I need todo lists to be more accurate. If given freedom, I tend to spend a lot of time working on things that are not important. Like I spent the past couple of weeks tweaking lighting code and experimenting with different kinds of lighting to no success. I've decided for initial release versions, I'm just going to use simple screen tint lighting. If its anything else, I'll spend more time on it than anything else until I am happy with the way it looks which will drag on and on.

Also, I'm going to call it crunch time. Battlefield 3 just came out and I have my weekend planned around it. In a couple of weeks, Skyrim comes out and I'll again have my foreseeable future planned out. So, after this weekend, I'm going to work on this project a lot more, but it may abruptly stop at the time skyrim comes out.

I gotta say, I love this time of year:
- Deus Ex
- Dead Island
- Battlefield 3
- Skyrim
- CoD - MW4
- Minecraft Official Release

So many good games one after another. Not to mention Steam sales, just picked up the Fear trilogy for less than $35 which is good since I haven't played Fear 3 yet. Origin also gave me Crysis 2 for $15 and I have yet to play it too. Steam Halloween sale, plus holiday sale is going to further fill my library. As I said, I love this time of year.

Should also mention I'm graduating from college this semester and have some interviews I need to schedule for a more permanent (I can never spell that word without spell check) job. So that should change my schedule up drastically in the coming months. Fun!


What's new with mine craft I haven't played since alpha, I'm also getting skyrim, skipping battlefield in favor of mw3 though


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I agree, MW3 comes out today, and I'm hyped :).

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