Development Update - August 14, 2011


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Sorry about the lack of updates lately, my hours over the course of the summer at work have increased greatly, and any free time I've had, I used it relaxing after a long days work. I also got involved with a contest we have going on at work (which is currently still going on) so things are still fairly busy.

However, I do work on things mildly in my free time and I have a design decision that I'm trying to make. I am currently redesigning Ody's (and BSGame's unnamed game) interface and am struggling deciding. So this is more me talking out loud than expecting a response since I know few people actually visit the forums, but maybe I'll get some input anyway.

Ody's interface right now:

I've been thinking of expanding the game screen to be full size (meaning filling the screen) and doing the menu overlays that most games do. However I also like having the chat always open and being able to always see my inventory/equipped items. So i could easily just make the screen large, and have a dedicated section on the game for the chat and items.

... Too tired (and a little drugged because of sickness) to finish my inner dialog so I'll just finish this some other time :O


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Is 64 inventory slots too many? Meh, only time will tell. I not so good with the drawing with the pixels and the colors, so ignore them please :D. Colors and drawings are temporary while I'm working on it. They will not stay this color, so don't worry!

Also stats are not final, but are likely to stay (not necessarily for Ody, but I might be able to make it work).


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Expanding the game screen to extend as far as the chat sounds like a good idea to me, let the inventory and stats pages be open/close like and sit on the sides. Thats the best way I have ever imagined it at least. Gives the most options and preference to the player.


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Are we doing the ody style inventory system or something like diablo?

I agree inventory should and chat should be optional, although this may cause issues with people having an advantage (aka being able to see further than others who opt out of the full screen)

we should have the option to have the chat under the inventory as well. when the inventory is not expanded have icons of your hot keys (right, top, bottom, or left) of the screen.

I would say that 64 is too many to start depending on the storage type. we could always have storage upgrades and banks.

what is the purpose of the chat window being open? I assume NPC feedback will be done on screen while chatting with friends and players will be the chat window?


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Hm, you know, I don't know. Diablo style inventory would force us to have a large inventory space..What do you guys think? I have no preference one way or another.

Chat window is open purely for player chatting. NPC text will be directly on screen.


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I like the diablo style personally, although we should tweak it a bit to make it our own :p

Since NPC is purely window then I think the interface should be optional meaning you can have the inventory show up, or just the items you use often, or just the hot keys, etc.

then how they play is up to them.

so the inventory can be docked, floating, hotkey or hidden
chat can be docked, floating or hidden


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I think 64 inventory slots might be a little too much, but I think the chat should stay how it is, located at the top of the screen, just basically floating there.

Maybe try 28 inventory slots. Thats giving them I think 8 more than they already had before. Banks are a must.

Also, I wanted to pitch an idea. What if you made a tile or an attribute that when you were standing directly in front of it or on the sides of it and you clicked on it, it would open up storage like a mini bank so you could have like storage chests. You could put them in player owned houses or guild halls and what not. Just an idea.

Thanks, Alpha

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