Development Update - February 17, 2014


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Long time no dev update!

So I mentioned I'm moving and there will be less updates for awhile. This is still true. I have not moved yet but am still in the process of getting ready to move. We have a garage packed full of crap that we are slowly throwing out or repacking. The house is not yet on the market, but we are getting closer. Man, I'm as bad at moving as I am finishing personal projects :(.

As for dev progress. First I want to point out that I am currently the only developer working on Odyssey. This is a complete rewrite so many things take time. I've mentioned several times, but the entire core framework was written by me completely from scratch. It's not the best or prettiest code, but it does the job good enough for now. This framework needed to be built no matter what since I couldn't directly port the old code to the new language. By core framework, as mentioned in the past, I'm talking about the database storage (using SQLite), the graphics framework (using XNA/Monogame), the UI framework (using a homebrew solution), the scripting framework (using C#/, the network code (using lidgren) and of course the new login system, and server registry.

All of these combined represent past progress. Nearly all of those are done (minus the network stuff, been putting that off). The past month, I've been whittling away at the login and server registry backend. I decided to take an API approach to this which could be useful further down the line. This will all be relatively undocumented for the time being, but essentially, if you know what you are doing, you will be able to create an account, login, and do some basic administration of your server via the api. For the time being, this will only be very basic things like modify the MOTD, the name, the description, modify the white/black list, lock the server, etc. Eventually, using a rcon implementation I'm writing, you'll be able to actually modify the server configuration as well as moderate the server remotely (such as banning, kicking, messaging, restarting, etc). These are low priority features though, so they'll be unimplemented until a much later date.

There is still a little work to be done on this web backend though. You'll know it's complete when you see some major changes to the page. I've rewritten the site in laravel and put together a very simple layout using bootstrap until I have time to make something better.

Once this is done, things should become fairly fast paced as I continue on the game logic. Once there is enough game logic to actually show something, public testing should start. When this happens, I'll probably have a few servers online consistently. The first will be the extremely volatile live testing server. This will be where I'm always putting up the latest changes to the code. Anyone will be welcome to join and mess around, but be warned that the server can and will drop and become outdated to you at anytime. The second will be a weekly build server. This is where I hope most feedback will come from. I hope to have some automation for this task to create a new weekly build, to refresh the server (restore a data backup), and publish the new weekly client build. There may be more or less servers depending on how things actually turn out.

All in all, I just wanted to let you know, we're getting close. Keep an eye on these forums and the website.


I've been trying to find time to get into it, but having never used github I have been completely avoiding getting over the learning curve...

My hosting with bluehost is about to end, any recommendations? I found bluehost to be okay, but overall a little slow. I like cpanel as opposed to custom solutions. I know you switched and were happy with it, it ends this month so let me know.


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I switched from shared hosting to a vps and have never been happier. It is significantly more expensive and there is a very steep learning curve, but the end result has been very nice. All of our sites are so much faster. Me being the server administrator also allows us to have whatever we want installed on the server and not be restricted to what the shared host offers/supports. Plus there are no real rules beyond the hard limits set (like disk size, cpu usage, memory, bandwidth, etc) so we can run anything we want and have whatever ports that we want open, which has been an issue in the past with previous hosts, including Bluehost.

I don't have any suggestions for any other shared hosts since I've not used one in a couple of years and will probably continue to stay here with linode.