Development Update - June 02, 2014


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In case you didn't notice, the website has been having some major issues this month. I spent a long time trying to perfect the git publish hooks, but never quite got it working as I wanted. Not to mention, the database migrations constantly failed on the live server while they succeeded on my dev server. It took me a long time to get that straightened out, but I never did figure out why it worked in one place and not the other. They were running the same software (nginx, mariadb, php5), same versions, even the configs were nearly identical. But for some reason, foreign keys kept breaking the live migrations.

Doesn't really matter, I've straightened that out and the temporary (probably permanent until I have the will to work on an actual design) website is up now. I've not yet tested the login server live yet, but that's something I'll be working on this week.

No interest was shown in test nights so it didn't end up happening. So I'm going to try something a little different. I'm going to be streaming development at random times this month. Keep an eye on I'm still willing to do game giveaways on stream, but I'll discuss this when people actually start showing up.


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Just a small update, I'm still alive, the streaming hasn't happened out of laziness, sickness and general disinterest. I still plan to do it, but haven't really had a lot of time. I'll post back here when a stream is up so subscribe to this topic if you want a notification when I'm streaming.


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Glad to see you're still hacking away at Odyssey! I'd definitely be interested in doing some testing sessions, and helping out any way possible!

Best way to get my attention (if it isn't too much trouble for you) would be to shoot me an email when you need something or when you're thinking of doing a test session or whatever. [email protected]