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Ok, I've used many aliases over the years, but BigRed and BigRedPK tend to be my first choice whenever deciding on one. However, I think it's time I got a new alias. I'm sick of seeing BigRed/BigRedPK. So any ideas? Here are the ones I've used in the past.

WoW name: Chyou
Any and All FPS games: Fruity0n10n
Random names: That_Guy, AppleDumpling (only used this once), Whats_A_Username (only used this once), CrapKnight (really old name...might have been my first username, can't really remember...).

People take Fruity0n10n way too serious on the fruity part. There is a story behind it though so here's the short version. Years ago, me and a friend were thinking of starting a clan on some FPS game (can't remember what), and we couldn't think of a good name. At the same time, we were really into this program called FruityLoops. Skipping the in between thought process, we decided the clan would be FruityLoops and our usernames would start with Fruity and then have some random fruit/vegetable attached to it. I came up with FruityOnion, but being the time, we wanted to have a little 1337 speak in it so we decided we would always leave the Fruity alone, and just replace a few characters in the second part of the name. Thus Fruity0n10n (or sometimes Fruity0ni0n). See, nothing suggestive behind the name Fruity except a boring story.

That being said, I don't mind people assuming things like that on FPS games, just because it makes it all the funnier whenever they get their asses handed to them by someone they believe to be gay. However, it doesn't really work on MMOs.

Chyou, no story behind it, I couldn't come up with anything good, and the same friend from the story above came up with the name and I said, "Great! I'll use it."

I am so unimaginative when it comes to names, so I definitely need help with this.

And before anyone asks the story behind BigRed/BigRedPK. No it has nothing to do with the Gum. However, my favorite soft drink is Big Red. I was trying to think up a new name for me and couldn't think of anything, and took a drink of my Big Red and then...there you have it. The PK came later whenever I discovered someone else loves to use the name BigRed when registering on websites. And PK as you know stands for Player Killer.



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Whenever I need a new character name, I head to an online Latin-English dictionary.
Not many people actively use the ancient language, but some study it.
Most of the words one would use as an alias aren't too similar to any English derivations.
It seems to be an excellent source of mysterious yet pronouncable words with some meaning.

Here's the link to the one I use:

So far, I have chosen a few for myself over the past...
Oriens (Sunrise/Dawn, new life, healing)
Occasus (Sunset, destruction)
Niveus (Snow, white)

And the current owner of the Whispers in Akarra series used the same method...
Veneficus (magical, witch)

If you want something based on BigRedPK: (I assume it is a reference to Player Killers with red aliases)

Entries for red (English -> Latin)
puniceus: purple, red.
rufus: red, ruddy.
rutilus: red, golden, auburn.

Meaning: crime, sin, evil deed, wickedness.

crimen: an accusation, charge; fault, guilt, crime; cause of a crime
dedecus: shame, dishonor, disgrace, crime, dishonorable act.
delinquo: to fail, be wanting; fail in duty, commit a crime.
facina: bad deed, crime, villainy; deed, action.
-oris: bad deed, crime, villainy; deed, action.
malum: evil, misfortune, misdeed, crime, injury, damage.
piaculum: a victim, sacrifice, atonement, punishment; a sin, crime.
scelus: crime, sin, evil deed, wickedness.
sceleris: crime, sin, evil deed, wickedness.
vitium: fault, vice, crime.

I particularly like Puniceus, because it seems to have the typical suffix 'eus' that most dieties take from deus (god), if I am not mistaken.

Also, note the origin of the name of an unimplemented Whispers in Akarra NPC, Piacula frin Piaculum.

Another value to this, if you believe in that kind of thing, is that (I'm being pretentious here) an ancient language might draw out subconcious responses from the collective unconscious. (The same thing that makes people 'speak in tongues', the same psychological theories behind Dune's Other Memory) If you don't know what the HECK I am talking about in this paragraph, even though it is entirely trivial, try looking up Carl Yung or the Collective Unconscious on Wikipedia.

Anyways, good luck finding an alias that suits you. I hope my latin mumbo jumbo helped.


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Hm, that is interesting.

Just a little note. The names I used in my storyline were not taken straight from Tolkien. Back whenever I created the stories, I found an elven name generator. I typed in my real name and out came the names I used in my story. I remember you commenting on where I may have got the names and while working on a new alias, remembered how I found those names (Amras Palantir). See: (my real name is: Mycal Ingram). Apparently, the names he generates all come from Tolkien and the way it generates is very poorly. I did a search on both my elven name and my hobbit name and there were hundreds of people that had the same name combo that I did.

Anyway, sticking with the whole generator scenario, I have come up with: Calix Nequam. I kind of like it (the Calix part anyway). And as far as I can tell, Calix is only used for a telecom service and several artists. So I think I'll stick with it. Easy to remember and easy to spell.


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Mine is from usually being a fire mage in games. Also, a firestorm is a quite lethal event that has happened on occasion in history. Apocalypse's spell in akarra was a pathetic representation of a firestorm.


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Apocalypse was pathetic.
Some people think I chose this name from the Chronicles of Narnia's Strawberry the horse that becomes Fledge the flying horse. I just chose it because of its definition.


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krum - (NO NOT HARRY POTTER) my name is graham, it sounds like the cracker, so my sisters called me crumb of a cracker I ran with it...

the bled - a band I like...

any numbers on the end are my birthday

sometimes I just choose random names that mostly have gay meanings or double meanings just because it's funnier how little kids react to them...OMG YOURS AN FIGGIT!! anywho I don't really have any good aliases...


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Think I'll just go with Calix since it's easy to spell and remember and I'm just sick of sing bigred...


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One day we were doing a music project about bands of the 1980's.

I decided to make it another 'Pie' pun, and made it about the band 'Humble Pie'. I then drew probably the most hilarious picture I've ever drawn in grade 6, and everyone (including the principal -- the music teacher started showing all her friends the picture) starting calling me 'PieMan'.

Later that summer, a few friends of mine made a party to celebrate us graduating to grade 7 (Junior High School), and they needed a DJ.

I was pretty good with sounds at the time, and I was in to making my own remixes of songs. So they decided to make me the DJ. Then one of my friends popped up the name "DJ PieSlice" some where.

I got addicted to that name and I still use it now. In everything. That exists. On the interwebz. That I'm surfing right now. With my computer.