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    I know I have posted here before and hopefully you don't consider this spam, but I wanted to make a new post about my Odyssey Online Classic website, server, and some of the social media brands I have created for the game.

    First off, we have managed to achieve Rank 1 in the google search results for "Odyssey Classic" and "Odyssey Online Classic". This has resulted in a lot of old players coming back and playing on our Classic server. We also got a redirect from the Odyssey Reborn website, which has been helpful too.

    I have been working on reuploading all the old videos I have to a single Youtube channel, and the videos are also cross-posted to our Facebook Page and Subreddit. We also have a Facebook Group with over 100 members.

    We have set up a Github organization to give a place for the current developers to all work together to push Odyssey into the future.

    I'll drop some of our links here for reference. I know I've switched up my URL for the website a lot over the years, but this should be the final time. This is meant to be a brand that represents the whole Odyssey community so if you have any projects in development or announcements, feel more than welcome to send them to us and we will help promote your version.

    Official website - http://www.odysseyclassic.info
    Download - http://www.odysseyclassic.info/download
    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/odysseyonlineclassic
    Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/odysseyonlineclassic
    Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7ZLcAfhim5cm1na-rgSANg/
    IRC - http://www.odysseyclassic.info/chat/

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