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    I recently immersed myself in the series Claymore, a manga and anime series. If you know me at all, you're probably expecting me to provide an essay on it. I'll try my best to avoid trivialities and keep this post to the concise and informative details you need. I am not even going to give you a plot summary, lest anyone cries, 'spoiler, spoiler, thou shalt be slain'.

    I highly recommend the anime. I am only now reading the manga (the first manga I have ever read).
    The anime is scheduled for at least a 26 episode run so far, 17 of which are released at the time in which I am writing this. I am not sure about the manga's volumes, 9 so far, or how many 'episodes' that equates to. The anime debuted April 3rd 2007, airing weekly. The Manga debuted in 2001, being published monthly. However, it is now being published weekly as of July 2007. After all, the anime had almost caught up to the manga, showing in three and a half months what the manga took five and a half years or so to expose.

    If you're interested, I suggest that rather than reading the spoiler-filled wikipedia entry, you just dive into the series and let the story unravel itself so that it is less predictable. I do not recommend this series for anyone under the age of 13 or any sensitivity to graphic violence and gore. Though it is not the focus or goal of the anime, there is some gore, dismemberment, mutilation and torture. I am not a fan of such things, I watch for the plot and character development which is the main focus. The actual use of the disturbing violence is simply to give the characters some tangible danger in battle, not to excite sadists.

    Here are the links I use.

    Wikipedia's main entry... (see also Episode Lists or Voice Actors)

    Scanned manga images...

    The anime series... ... _uid=11880

    And if you need help remembering the ranks of each Claymore but know them by their faces...
    That covers all rankings in present time and flashbacks, aside from Rosemary (Extra Scene).

    What's it about? Go see for yourself, or read the summary, at your own risk, on or! However, I recommend that you watch or read it without either.
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    :shock: I love me some anime.

    I have actually heard of Claymore and have a few downloads of it on my computer, but I never got around to watching it. I have so many other series on my computer waiting for me that this one is pretty far down my watch list (with Naruto and Bleach at the top each week).

    Maybe I'll watch an episode and possibly decide to bump it up the list considering many series I have watched/am watching have or are in the process of ending completely. :(

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