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Discussion in 'Games' started by Mycal, Jan 23, 2009.

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    Not to be confused with CS1.6....Anyway, if you still play this fairly old game, I'm now hosting a couple of servers. Visit this page for info on how to connect:

    Note that both servers are still being configured properly. I know the gungame server works, but I also know there is a glaring problem that several people have encountered. Surf server was setup only recently, so no telling if it actually works. Once I know its working I'll setup the final server which will be a Zombie Mod. I like cs:s, but I like the mods better than the actual game now. I hate the original playstyle of cs:s now. I only play on gungame, zombie, and surf servers.

    Share the links and hopefully we'll have a few pretty successful servers :D. If you would like to be an admin on the server, simply reply to this message saying so and then add me as a steam friend. Search for bigredpk.

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