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  1. Mycal

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    Well as I promised, now that all maintenance is done, here is the updated Demo, minus some of the mentioned changes in my development blog.

    Please don't ignore the information box that pops up when it starts. It takes a few seconds to allow you to push OK, for a reason. To attempt to force you to read. Also notice that when it starts scrolling, you can simply click anywhere on the text in order to pause the text for a few seconds.

    Report any bugs/errors you encounter with this latest demo in the Support Forum

    Download now found here: viewforum.php?f=28
  2. Mycal

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    Re: Demo v7.0.1

    Updated 04/03/08 to ignore errors when exiting application before it has finished loading.
  3. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    Re: Demo v7.0.2

    Updated 04/07/08 with the following changes:
    - Removed winxp visual theme support (not used anyway)
    - Reordered drawing routines
    - Centered names based on size of characters and length of name
    - Few bugfixes with movement (still not the fix you're looking for Krum, I didn't take the time to properly look into that one)
  4. Mycal

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    Re: Demo v7.0.3

    Updated on 04/08/08 to v7.0.3 with the following changes:
    - Readded version incrementation
    - Made shadows more angular for the sake of the demo
    - Changed the bubble text methods to display text better and more dynamically (size of box is equivalent to size of text, etc)
    - Removed unused functions leftover from DX7
    - Fixed drawing of text on the stat bars (Health/Mana/Energy/Exp)
    - Reordered drawing routines again
    - Stat bars are only drawn once updated (which means they are only drawn once in this demo)
    - Fixed the sprite chooser bug (crash after reopening the chooser after closing it)
    - Changed the rain sound effect to Krum's seamless version
  5. Mycal

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    Re: Demo v7.0.4

    Updated on 04/08/08 to v7.0.4 with the following changes:
    - Removed bssmf.dll dependency
    - Several small optimizations to dx8 rendering
    - Changed map loading to the new functions (read: faster)
  6. Mycal

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    Re: Demo v7.0.5

    Updated on May 08, 2008 with the following change:
    - Changed player sprite animations to a new format. (Thanks to Krum for the idea/fix)
    - Fixed a small bug with the attack frames, although not a long time fix.

    This was uploaded on May 08, but was not posted until now for the fact that we were still ensuring this would truly fix the floating foot syndrome. This fix is also not permanent because Krum is working on the sprites (I believe adding additional frames).

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