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    OK, you may or may not see a facebook connect button floating around the forums (by floating, I mean in different areas of the forums, not actual floating), this is not currently working. There are a couple of FBConnect mods for phpBB but none are truly working, especially with FB's ever changing architecture, so I am working on creating my own from scratch. Currently, I'm just testing what info is returned from FB so I can determine how to apply it to our needs.

    Eventually, I'm hoping to have your forum and FB account completely linked. This includes your friends list and possibly a chat bar at the bottom of the forums. I also want to link the forum announcements with the Burningstorm Studios page on FB (I don't feel like opening FB to find a link right now, just search "burningstorm studios").

    Anyway, right now, the connect button doesn't work at all. It does open a pop-up to login to facebook and allow the connection, but it doesn't do anything else. So just ignore it.

    Note, by no means do you actually have to use FBConnect on the forums. There is no advantage or disadvantage to using or not using it. It is simply there as a convenience. In the future, this may or may not be built into BSGame. It would sure make creating accounts a lot simpler on both parts.
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    OK, been working on this on my own personal site to get it working, but noticed some notes in the FB wiki. So to comply with their terms of service this post is a placeholder for the privacy information dealing with Facebook Connect login.

    This information is subject to change without prior notice. Until FB Connect is fully implemented this page may change rapidly to update our needs.

    1. When you login with FB Connect we will collect the following information from your profile. E-mail address, friend list, basic profile information to fill/match/update with your forum profile, read/write privilege for posting to your wall. Please see your forum profile for information that will be collected there.
    2. Email address will not be shared with any 3rd parties, ever, even with your consent. We do not share your information with anybody else, period. Email address is collected from facebook not in order to validate your e-mail, but in order to fill in your profile information. It is necessary whether you wish to receive notifications from us or not. We will abide by your wishes on your e-mail preferences, but the e-mail will be filled in regardless.
    3. Friend information from Facebook is only collected so that we may connect you with other friends already on the forum. We will also offer you the ability to invite friends from your facebook account to this website. No information about your friends stored on our servers. It is only accessed when you choose to do any of the above.
    4. Read and write privileges on your wall are only used on a case by case basis. For example, clicking a like button on a post will post this on your wall (as with any facebook app/status message/etc). Sharing a post with your facebook friends will simply update your status with a link to the topic. Etc.

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