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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Mycal, Oct 9, 2008.

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    I know its a relatively old anime now, but it appears that FMA is getting a sequel. I don't know if we have any fans here, but apparently this was as big a hit in America as it was in Japan so I figure, even if you didn't watch the anime subtitled, then perhaps you saw the Cartoon Network dubs back when they were airing. No confirmed date yet, but a good possibility that the show will be returning. That's great news to me. FMA is in my top 5 animelist and with D.Gray-man being canceled, my list of weekly anime has dropped to only 3. Bleach and Naruto both have done some strange airing times lately, so really really I'm down to 1 sometimes 2 anime a week.

    Now the biggest icing on the cake would be a report saying D.Gray-man is getting a 3rd season. I loved that series...

    http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/20 ... -confirmed

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