Discussion in 'Games' started by steven, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. steven

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    Fable 2 and Spiderman Web of Shadows come out today, im getting Fable 2, spiderman will have to wait. And also WoW expansion comes out nnov 13 and mk vs dc universe which looks unreal cool is coming out within the month also. Calix if you get Fable 2 im pretty sure its xbox live compatible so we could play together? I think?
  2. Mycal

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    My copy of Fable 2 arrives tomorrow, which wikipedia still says its released. Amazon gauruntees release date delivery so I should definitely have it tomorrow. But yea, Spiderman will definitely have to wait. I haven't even played the Burning Crusade expansion (though I do own a copy) so that's not something I'm looking for.

    You have my gamertag right? It's the same as my AIM screenname, BigredPK. It does have online co-op, at least from all the reports I've read and the video journals the developers released.
  3. Mycal

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    Just popped the disc in a minute ago, OMG, the opening scene is GORGEOUS! I've played a few games HD, but none have looked very good so far. This one, so far, tops them all.
  4. Mycal

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    Ack, beware of glitches. I highly recommend (though you will definitely find spoilers) searching google or gamefaqs for game breaking glitches/bugs. There are many early on glitches that can force you to restart your game. I've only restarted once because of:
    Oakfields extremely common Abbot bug. Basically, make sure to accept the quest after speaking with the Abbot. Do not leave the building without accepting the quest.

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