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What should the logo be, exactly?

  1. A flame

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  2. A volcano

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  3. A flame tornado

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  4. A spoon

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  1. DJPieSlice

    DJPieSlice New Member

    Ok, I started working on our logo. I decided to make the logo based on the whole studio, not the game. This state is just temporary until we get some basic concept of the game.

    Please tell me if you think anything looks weird.

    Here is my first try:

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  2. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    Re: OUR LOGO

    Remarked as announcement as I'm sure that's what you intended. Also, permissions have been fixed and all developers have the ability to post announcements in this forum. For the main website (see 'Site Index' link at the top of the forum) image attachments do not work at this time, but I'll fix that as soon as I can. I believe this can be bypassed by simply clicking the 'Place inline' button though. If not, I'll make both work later..
  3. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    Re: OUR LOGO

    OK, after a lot of testing, turns out, I had gotten them to work when you click the place inline button, but haven't quite got them working otherwise. So, for future reference, if you are planning on including an attachment in a news post, make sure you click the 'Place Inline' button after uploading and before submitting.

    I'm still trying to work out having them display despite the bbcode, but I think I'll have to wait until I get home so I can efficiently search through all the forum files for what I'm looking for.

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