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  1. Gallivantist

    Gallivantist New Member

    Oh, what I wouldn't give for the good ol' days of Odyssey, when the Reg was full of servers, when games had twenty and thirty players at once... This forum makes me so nostalgic. Now everything is empty and derelict, it seems. 2D online games now cater to such a small community :( It's a little depressing.
  2. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    Sigh, our moderation permissions are running rampant again. Sorry I didn't notice the icon until just now. I really don't understand phpBB3 permissions I guess. I've reset them to the lowest security settings and it still requires approval in some subforums.

    Right now, Odyssey is kind of dead. The current version only mildly works under newer versions of windows. I can't track down bugs due to it not working at all on my development machine. The registry is very unreliable (though it has been up since I last announced that it was up) due to many reasons. And the community fled whenever Steverino gave up. I've not advertised or anything to bring members here, they just found this of their own accord.

    I do plan on doing whatever I can to bring back a crowd, but that won't happen until the new version is ready for actual usage. I do think we can bring Odyssey back to the way it was, it's just going to take some time until we are ready to do so.
  3. Gallivantist

    Gallivantist New Member

    I'm glad you're working on it. I appreciate what you're doing :)

    I'm a fairly decent (albeit busy) mapper. Anything I can do to help?
  4. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    Right now, no. Well, you could start working on your own server with the current version to be ready when I release the new version. You will be able to convert over to the new format with the exception of player accounts and any items on keep tiles. The only thing I would suggest holding off on working on is any scripts. I plan to eventually make a converter, but for the initial release, they won't convert over.

    The only reason I say this is, there is not a huge community right now so there's not many servers out there. So on release, the registry will be empty. I will put up one of my old servers so there is something at least, but it's not feature complete. Or maybe I'll put up Parsec assuming Lic doesn't jump online suddenly and object.

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