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    OK, some small warnings, some of these are very old versions of Odyssey. Many of these are not mine and are from servers I hosted. I have tons of these and there is no guarantee that any of them will work on the current version of Odyssey. Also note that I in no way support these. If you have problems, read through the code carefully. Most of the scripts are very easy to read, with some exceptions. If it is from one of my personal servers, you should have no problems reading it since I was very kind in naming conventions, spacing, and modularization of methods. I'll make sure that the ones I personally wrote are near the top here and then all the others are simply from servers I hosted, but do note that many of the share some common scripts. That was on purpose since if I hosted a server for someone, I typically ended up giving them a lot of scripts and mandated some specific ones related to tracking players for ease of banning if need be.

    One final warning, many of these may be incomplete, I personally started many projects and then moved on to something else back when I was running servers. Eventually I gave up on my own and began hosting for some people since I had a very good connection. Many of these people gave up on their servers very quickly too and I just ended up collecting more and more server.dat's. Speaking of which, if I hosted a server for you and you stumble upon this, if you want a copy of the last version of what you had, I'll be more than willing to share it with you, otherwise, I'll just be using them for testing on future versions of Odyssey.

    Speaking of which, I'll go ahead and break the news here. I have started converting Odyssey. I am doing as close to a 1:1 conversion in many places as I can, just to speed progress up. Later after it is stable, I'll start improving it with things from BSGame library. Don't expect a release anytime soon though. 1:1 does not apply to the DirectX, Sockets, Configs, Database, and Scripting. I have to rewrite all five of those from scratch and them support converting current servers to the new formats, so I know those will take awhile to do. No dates and no promises, so please don't ask for status updates like crazy. This is a hobby and I do have a real full time job that keeps me busy during the week. I get home and like to relax most days, so most of the time I only code on the weekends, unless inspiration hits.

    Enough wall of text stuff, the scripts are below in spoiler tags as they are huge. You can also download them in a full zip file below.

    [EDIT]I take it back, I'm just posting my scripts. There is far too many servers (50+) here to manually rip the scripts out one by one. Maybe one day after I've successfully converted all of them to the new scripting language, I'll batch convert them all and post them. There's still a lot of good stuff in mine though. Let me know if you are looking for how to do something and you can't find it in these. God help me for doing this, but contact me on IM if you need something. You can see all of them on my profile/this post here on these forums.

    [EDIT 2]Apparently I can't post that much text on a single post. So give me a sec and I'll upload them as a zip instead.
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    Here's the zip and some descriptions that were originally in the post:

    discordia.txt : Discordia server scripts (one of the last servers I started with IRL friend)
    scriptTestingGround.txt : Scripting Testing Ground (A server I made purely to test newly made scripts)
    projectkiller.txt : Project Killer, a good friend of mine's server, heavily influenced my introduction into Odyssey scripting
    grimmyAndBigRed-teamup.txt : Grimmy and Mine's Unnamed server, honestly, no idea, just a bunch of stuff we both threw in
    parsec2.txt : This next one is probably going to hurt me if he ever finds out :p. Sorry Lic! Parsec 2's scripts. Don't ask.

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    Thanks for this. I'll totally go through all of these when I get on my computer.

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