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Discussion in 'News and Announcments' started by Mycal, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    I have removed e-mail authentication for new user registrations temporarily. I was aware that the e-mails were not being sent out since they were first broken (immediately after being hacked), but completely forgot to fix it for registration on the forums.

    All users awaiting activation have been activated (minus one duplicate user) so feel free to start posting.
  2. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    Well, it wasn't an error on my part or an error caused by the hacker. The webhost is having problems with the mail function of php. So, e-mails just totally don't work right now..Great! Another reason for me to hate this host.
  3. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    Good news. All mail functions are now working properly again! Registration now requires authentication again.

    If you ever have problems receiving your activation e-mail, please reply here as a guest with your account name and I will look into it.

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