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  1. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    Well, as most of you should know by now. The main burningstorm studios site has died. Our host decided he no longer wanted to host our site anymore and did not give us any prior warning. Therefore, we will have to start from scratch. This new site is only temporary as the host is very limited on file size, database size, and bandwidth usage.

    As you probably noticed, we have upgraded from phpBB 2.0.x to phpBB3 RC1. This is a release candidate and is considered worthy of public use, so that's what we're using. I am still adjusting to the new administration panel and the new features, so it may be awhile before anything big happens on the forums. I plan to use a really old backup of our old forums and with Steven's help, we may be able to replicate our old style on this new forum. It will not be the same, but it should still work great.

    Last point of order. If anyone can recommend a good free host, with the following specs:
    ::Must haves::
    - Linux based server
    - PHP 4-5
    - MySQL, preferably 2-3 databases
    - FTP support, preferably 3+ accounts
    - Top level domain support (domain.com), preferably 2+ domains
    - Remote access to MySQL databases
    - 100MB+ Disk Space
    - 200MB+ Bandwidth
    - 10MB+ Upload size

    ::preferable features::
    - 500MB+ Disk Space
    - 1.0GB+ Bandwidth
    - 50MB+ Upload size

    I know we are asking for a lot, but it is necessary. We cannot run a decent project without a decent server. Please note, remote access is necessary as we will be storing minor server information as well as minor account information on that database.
  2. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    Well, negotiations with a new host have failed since he refuses to respond to e-mails, IMs, or even posts on his own forum. He obviously doesn't care enough about his own service to check in every once in awhile, so we're not going to wait on him.

    I have found a seemingly, too good to be true host and will soon move the site to their servers. If this domain dies within the next few hours/days please continue to use mushroomgames.com. After the site has been successfully moved, this site will be shut down.

    This new host is basically a trial run. If they work out as well as we hope, we may stay with them, or we may even opt for paid hosting through them. It is relatively cheap and has absolutely everything we need.

    Stay tuned..

    Off-Topic: Yes I'm still aware that registration is dead. Give me a break, it's a tough fix without SMTP or mailing functions. Again, email me your usernames and I'll gladly create one for you. After creation you can edit your profile and password all you wish. Or simply wait till the site has moved.
  3. Mycal

    Mycal Staff Member

    Site has been moved (much faster than I predicted). So we are now back in business. No more crappy Awardspace.com (our previous host).

    We should now be able to work as we did with our host before or last. Not quite as much features, but still pretty good for being free. As I said in a previous topic, give me a few days/weeks and I will give my overall opinion on this host.

    Hope this whole situation hasn't scared away too many people. If it has, I am sorry. I hope you come back, but if you don't I can understand. If you return, welcome back and we're glad you stuck with us. If you're brand new, welcome we hope you enjoy your stay!

    As always, no dates, no promises. We will have something released whenever we have made a post saying it is released. In the upcoming weeks, I will be working to restore this forum to it's former glory. The backup I have is really old, but its better than nothing. So I will try to restore as many users and posts as I can.

    Stay tuned! And subscribe to our RSS feed!
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