Another Odyssey programmer offering help.

Hello, I started playing Odyssey in 1997. I had plenty of private servers with some success on a few, I've been into game design ever since. When the Odyssey source was first released, Steverino and I worked on a client together for a time that it seems has ended up here. Later on, Steverino and I started converting my side project Xyzzy (originally based on Odyssey source) from VB6 to VB.NET. We implemented multi-threaded asynchronous sockets in .NET, as well as OOP framework. We never implemented a GFX engine as the DirectX code did not port over. It features scrolling maps, paperdoll, and a lot of other neat features. For various reasons, the project keeps dying, so I wanted to see if you were interested in collaborating efforts. I have a lot of nice features in and not a single scrap of the original Odyssey code lingers. Contact me over e-mail [email protected], facebook, or AIM: drwhitlocksays

Btw on Odyssey I was: ice, godslayer, and satori


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Opp, somehow missed this post, I'll e-mail you when I have some more free time (later on this week I think). I do remember you well. Hopefully we can work something good out.