Connecting without the Registry


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On the main menu, click "Credits" in there you'll see a button or link or whatever that'll say "Private Server" or "Connect to a Private Server". Something of that sort...

Anyways a little box will come up, put in the Name of the server that you want to connect to, and the IP of the computer that has the server.exe up and running, and leave the Tileset set at 0. That computer must have the right ports forwarded(see server options for the port(it's like blacked out but you can still see it.))

To find your IP visit:

To find instructions on how to port forward with your router visit:

Hope this helped!

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Yes, there is a private connector that can be used. I believe it came with the download. At least I have one. lol


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Yes, there is an application called "Ody" in the folder. Open it and it will go to the menu with Login, New Account, Credits, Options, ect. Click "Credits", and click "Private Server." From there you just type in the IP address and what not. It should work.


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Sorry about the delay in approval, we really need to fix the permissions on these forums. But as they said, yes there is a way using the Ip selection in the client under the credits menu.