Development Update - March 01, 2017


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Long time no post. I plan on having a proper update soon. Long story short, this project is not dead, I am not dead, I quite simply have next to no time these days to work on my side projects. Life has gotten in the way and I doubt it will change anytime soon. I have worked off and on as time allows and as motivation strikes and what may seem like a lot of progress me, actually turns out to not be much to show here.

The code is actually in a stable enough state to start releasing some alpha builds as I continue to add in old features. I may work on getting this done soon, but I'm going to start small and only release client builds for now. No promises as there is still some work to be done on the registry for this to work. I have not converted the updater yet either so builds would have to be manual download and install.

Good news is, the client does currently work on both Windows and MacOS. Have not yet tested on Linux though. Server is stuck on windows for now due to the main window gui, but I think I am going to dump the gui and make it a console application which will allow it to work on linux and macos.

What works right now:
  • Maps mostly work. You can move between maps, you can touch warps to warp to other maps. They look correct and cache locally for every client and update as necessary.
  • Player movement fully works with the exception of god click/alt warping and tile scripts, although stamina doesn't work properly yet.
  • Chat fully works with the exception of any command beyond /god warp map.
What doesn't work right now:
  • Everything else

Next milestone:
  • Server loop for updating time of day, weather, monsters, flags, etc

I'm going to try this out for awhile to motivate me to put better commit messages. Last git commit (edited for clarity):
Commit: 58c0de1d8047984995c747786ea6910cdeb4347e [58c0de1]
Parents: 574639b810
Author: Mycal
Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 09:09:38 PM
A number of changes:
- Updated map changes/warps
- Added chat and start of commands
- Fixed transitions to different maps
- Added rights/roles to server load and are now used for any relevant actions (/god warp)
- Moved many methods and classes to internal calls so that Scripting will not be able to access things that are potentially dangerous.
- Added strong named key to server binaries.
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