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I have released the Private Connector for Odyssey with included source code. It requires .Net 2.0. The solution was made in Visual Studio 2010 in C#. However, since it is a 2.0 project, you can use any version of Visual Studio from at least 2005 (probably 2003 as well, but no guarantees).

It does save the last used name and IP and requires it to be placed inside the same folder as Odyssey. The source is included so you can change this as you wish.



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Sweet man, thanks! I'll check out out once I'm on my pc.

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I should probably mention, this was created in about 2 hours. I didn't do a ton of testing, just ensured that it opened Odyssey correctly on my machine. Please let me know if it fails or you have to make a change in the source simply to get it to work. I'll update it as quickly as possible if needed.

I meant to make it a little more complex, but decided not to waste too much time on it since it is only a temporary tool (hopefully) or a method for server owners to package their own version of the client with their own connector.