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I have been planning this for awhile, but soon I'll either be upgrading our hosting package or switching to a new host. Currently we are on 1and1 and their customer support is extremely irritating so I'd like to move away from them.

Anyway can somebody help me out with researching alternatives? Here is what I'm looking for:

- php4/5, perl, python, mysql
- ssh access
- unlimited: FTP, email, subdomains
- more than 5 parked domains
- at least 500mb storage, preferbaly unlimited
- less than $100 a year
- unix based

I would like the following but not necessary:
- free server migration (no downtime)
- specific instructions from the host detailing installing, trac and/or SVN
- unlimited parked domains
- around 5+ MySQL databases
- cpanel
- customizable FTP/MySQL account/database names. 1and1's generated names suck at bring easy to remember.

currently I'm contemplating hostgator's 2nd package, but my past experience with them is kinda pushing me away from them. We MUST have SSH. If that is not available, we do not want that host. Most other things are a given.

I would do this myself but I'll be working really late today and tomorrow. having problems with Microsoft. Somebody over there really screwed up with office 2010. Long story, not going into full detail, but just search ups10.dll outlook 2010 and you'll find the problem pretty quick.


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OK, I've looked at several reputable hosts and have spoken with a few on the phone as well as many more through live chat

So far here's my results:

- HostGator, while a top webhost now (no idea how that happened), the price is too high. There is a reduced price for buying 3 year contract, but a 1 year is more than $100. And obviously, a 3 year contract is WAY more than $100.
- HostMonster, after a short talk with a representative, while they offer SSH access, they do not allow Subversion on their servers.
- Justhost, $15/month additional for SSH access..no thanks.
- FastDomain, actually a friend talked me down from even considering them
- Liquidweb, too pricey
- Amazon AMS/EMS/Whatever it's called, their packages are too confusing. No idea what is best for just pure web hosting.

Best Choices:
- Dreamhost, this one comes highly recommended by many users. It has SSH access and comes preinstalled with Subersion, a big plus.
- Bluehost, this one is also highly recommended. It also offers SSH and allows for subversion to be installed, there are some problems doing so according to a few users, but it is possible. They are also about the cheapest for a similar package to what we have now, at about $53 a year (after a small coupon discount).

I've attempted to contact both of their customer supports by phone, but I had to wait for both and didn't have the time to wait long. I don't think that is a strike against either of them .

Unless I got some better alternative, I'm going to go ahead and purchase Bluehost on Friday or Saturday. I'll try to get subversion setup and if all goes well, I'll make a backup and get to work transferring the server over. If there is a problem, I'll just cancel. They have a 30 money back guarantee, and I've read that their cancellation process is very painless.

In total, 1and1's next package up is $9.99/mon or $120/year. Somehow I was grandfathered in on the cheaper $3.99/mon for the home package, so that is a substantial increase in price, so I will not be staying with 1and1.


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OK, move to new host is done. Of all the hosts I've examined, Bluehost had the best deal for the features we needed. I will be re-installing trac from my own personal server to this server soon, but otherwise, everything else has been moved over.
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