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One of your subdomains is still listed as an active WiA server. (http://www.akarra.segasages.net/downloads/) Do you administer that site?

Mycal, I've read a couple of your posts in here, including some of your development journal entries. I have to say, from what you've expressed, and my impression, you and I seem to be at a similar stage as developers. My specialty is more in web application development and design, as well as OOP (inheritance & implementation using generics, with an emphasize on contravariance methods) . I haven't really explored DirectX or native/unmanaged code projects enough to proclaim expertise.

I actually started up a .NET Akarra project with the objective to refactor (technically, recompile) Jeb's C++ source into VB.NET (for the server and tools/utilities). I will be moving the platform away from DirectX altogether for the server and packeting/communications. For the client (which I suspect will vary in language and technology) I'll provide a RESTful API for the client application to interact with server over http. My site is http://www.iAkarra.net, but you won't find any relevant information on there at this point. It does use my CORE and CORE.Web library to read the associated WiA files and expose portions of them through Generic Handlers though. So it holds some functionality...

http://www.iakarra.net/Handler.Characte ... ection=127 (full exposure ... Section is a flag/bitfield)
http://www.iAkarra.net/Handler.Item.ashx (full exposure of the items.. itemFamily and itemShop are loaded but not exposed... this is a long load, as it is a good bit of data. Cache data candidate for sure..)

http://www.iAkarra.net/Handler.Monster.ashx (exposes only the dataname and display name)
http://www.iAkarra.net/Handler.Effect.ashx (exposes only the dataname and display name)
http://www.iAkarra.net/Handler.Skill.ashx (exposes only the name - id)
http://www.iakarra.net/Handler.Guild.ashx (exposes the owner collection of a particular guild - atm)

http://www.iakarra.net/Handler.Account.ashx (doesn't expose anything)
http://www.iAkarra.net/Handler.WebUser.ashx?type=xml ('type' is only used for debugging; the request contentType is usually what dictates the response contentType; the choices are: plain, html, xml, and json (default))

This webuser handler is primarily used to associate the AkarraAccount to the WebUser..

Anyhow, your thoughts?

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I believe steven is the one hosting that site. You might try contacting him about it if you are still interested in it. Steven was hoping to do the same thing in Java I believe. Not sure how far along he got though.

That is an interesting idea, but I would be concerned about performance in production. There's a very good reason why sockets are used for client/server communication. Of course, if you are doing this for fun, by all means, don't let me stop you. I don't think I've ever seen anyone try to implement a multiplayer game using a RESTful API and I am definitely interested in seeing where you get with it. I can bring back our old Akarra forums if you want to keep us updated or need any advice.