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    Development Update - August 14, 2011

    I like the diablo style personally, although we should tweak it a bit to make it our own :-P Since NPC is purely window then I think the interface should be optional meaning you can have the inventory show up, or just the items you use often, or just the hot keys, etc. then how they play is up...
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    Development Update - August 14, 2011

    Are we doing the ody style inventory system or something like diablo? I agree inventory should and chat should be optional, although this may cause issues with people having an advantage (aka being able to see further than others who opt out of the full screen) we should have the option to...
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    Odyssey Server Online

    if you want a static IP call your service provider, although you will be more vulnerable without a static ip and no router, although firewall *MAY* be enough. :D
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    false positive, what anti-virus do you use?
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    July 09, 2011 - Break

    have you seen the new hybrid drives with SSD? they offer a on board SSD cache and they are A LOT cheaper. that machine sounds beastly :-D
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    July 01 2011 -- Revisiting Pixels

    sweet, well in that case we can do graphics that aren't based on the 32x32 grid easily now and position it however :-)
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    Odyssey Server Online

    I might just do that, it's been years since I have worked on a ody server.
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    Development Update - June 12, 2011

    will you commit this, I would love to see the changes :-D also, this looks interesting:
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    Random Grass script?

    as to the script above, lets say you wanted to use more of a certain type of grass, then you would simply put it in more than one case statement to give it a better chance of being called. :D
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    Interface.rsc Issues.

    did you save it as interface.rsc and delete the old one, if you did then I am not sure why it didn't work.
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    Adding tiles/player sprites/effects/etc?

    well as far as I remember this is the classic ody, which didn't have any of the stuff you listed, you had to script it if you wanted it. I remember scripting a lot of that stuff back in the day. Mycal will know more about anything specific.
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    Runtime Error 7

    is that all it says? any other info/descriptions?
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    Adding tiles/player sprites/effects/etc?

    it's easy, right-click and open it in mspaint. It is a bmp, just renamed. when you are done editing you need to simple "save as" and choose all types then name it tiles.rsc png's are not supported, as transparencies are not support, the red is "masked" to be transparent so it looks as if it is...
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    Random Grass script?

    I can't remember the exact functions, but the code will work like this: I can't remember the width/height of the screen, I am doing this from memory, but this will give you an idea. Dim Tiles(0 to 6) As int Tiles(0) = 32 //grass tile 32 Tiles(1) = 41...
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    Need a few scripts made

    the only error I see is "=>" should be ">=", can't remember if that matters in ody syntax, but I am pretty sure it does. (ADHD Thought) Someone should create a syntax highlighter for Notepad++ to edit these scripts in, intellisense on functions would be nice too, just a little XML to make life...